Explore the list of Stadiums proposed for Qatar World Cup 2022

09 Jun 2022

Article FIFA World Cup 2022
Explore the list of Stadiums proposed for Qatar World Cup 2022

Football!!! A sport that binds anyone and everyone around the world with fiery passion taking it to the apex of popularity. The intense 90 minutes sport offers a shared pleasure where the viewer reflects himself as a player and excitedly immerse in each and every frame of the game. One in every two humans alive is expected to watch this big Tournament. The passion ignited back in 1930s when it was first held at Uruguay still burns with same ardour. Amateur clubs and weekend warriors add to the passion that expand every four years for the most-watched sporting event in the world, the World Cup. 


The 22nd edition of FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 is special with it being hosted by the peninsular Arab country, Qatar adding on to the glory as there has never been a World Cup hosted in an Arab country. This will be the Middle East’s chance to show off their corner of the world. So, Qatar is busy organizing the World Festival to be an historic one. 

The Qatar government decided a concrete decision at the time of hosting. They have shown the world, they have succeeded. Step by step they are completed Stadium, Road, Train communication. They prepare fast internet facility, better hotel accommodation and players practice ground. Airport, pollution free environment. Now entertainment facilities of Qatar reach high quality.


The World Cup is traditionally held in summer. Every World Cup in history started in either May or June and culminated by July. But what about this year? FIFA announced that the Qatar World Cup 2022 will be conducting in Winter starting from Late-November to mid-December. Wonder Why? FIFA explained the average high temperature in the summertime is 108 degrees, and there has been concerns about the sweltering heat in the Qatari summer. 

Proximity of the Stadiums in Qatar makes sure that this will be the most amazing World Cup ever. The 2022 World Cup will technically be split across 5 cities in Qatar, but the reality is that the host cities are really just suburbs of Doha, the capital. All 8 of the host stadiums are connected by metro lines, and the farthest distance from the Doha city center is less than 30 miles! 

Now let's have a look at the stadiums unveiled for the Mega Event!


FIFA World cup 2022 Stadiums


1. Lusail Iconic Stadium


Host City : Al-Daayen

Capacity of Lusail Iconic Stadium : 80,090-86,250

Owner of Lusail Iconic Stadium :Qatar Olympic Committee

Matches planned: Opening match, group matches, round of 16, quarter-final, semi-final,final


2. Al-Rayyan Stadium


Host City: Al-Rayyan

Capacity of Al-Rayyan Stadium: 42,015-44,740

Owner: Qatar Olympic Committee

Matches planned: Group matches

3. Education City Stadium